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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Europe 2014: Prague, Czech Republic

The flight from Brussels to Prague was very easy. It was an hour and
half of rest and relaxation with a beautiful country view and rainbows!
Yes, literally, rainbows! We unloaded, headed for a taxi and found 
ourselves in the heart of Prague in less than an hour. It was a beautiful
drive into the city. We located ourselves on a map quickly and knew
we were close to our second AirBnB of the trip. The taxi could not
drive us to the front of the apartment because no cars were allowed as
the alley way got too small for them to fit. This beautiful, old cobble
stone street was just for pedestrians. The apartment was about 50 feet
from where the taxi dropped us off and the host was there to great us!

We unpacked some of our belongings, picked our beds, cleaned up
just a little bit and headed out on the town. We immediately found
out that our location was prime! In a matter of minutes we were 
standing in Old Town Square right in front of the Church of Our 

The sun was slowly starting to set and the light
reflecting off of the buildings was beautiful. The sky was just in the
moments right before it started to change colors. It was stunning. We
saw some horse drawn carriages lined up at the end of the square and
thought, why not! 

The horse and carriage ride lasted about a half an hour. It was a wonderful
tour and we saw a lot of Old Town and it helped give us a sense of 
direction for our voyages the next day. After the carriage ride, we did a
little walking around before we settled on Indian Jewel for dinner.

 They had a little covered patio in the center of the square surrounding Tyn 
Street. Dinner was wonderful. As frequent Indian diners, we knew the menu
 and have our favorite dishes. Aunt Nancy let us go to town as she was not as
familiar with the menu. Shortly, an order of chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi,
saag paneer, a lamb dish that was not as spicy as vindaloo (which we were 
informed was very hot), naan and rice appeared on the table before us.
There was a wonderful couple from Seattle who sat at the next table who
we chatted with for the whole meal. Our dinner was fantastic. It was so full
of flavor, even more than I was used to. Everything was wonderful. 

After dinner, we were exhausted and headed back to our apartment
which was literally around the corner from the square. We got ready
for bed and contacted our loved ones back home. Eventually we all
drifted off to sleep completely excited to explore this new city!

The next morning we kept our fingers crossed that the rain that we
heard all night would go away. Thankfully, it did and we had a dry day!
our friends from Seattle gave us a location of some local bakeries which
were just outside of Old Town Square. We headed to Au Gourmand to 
get Mom and Nan their jolt of coffee. Instead, they shared a latte. 
I believe this was the first latte Nan had ever had. My Mom, at this point, 
did not realize she had created a latte monster! They got a chocolate 
filled croissant and I got a slice of blueberry cake, which was basically a 
muffin in square form. 

After breakfast, we headed on a little walk of Old Town Square, to the

We walked south along the river to the Dancing House
building which was designed by Frank Gehry, the same architect who
designed the beautiful building I live in here in New York City. 

From there, we walked back up river to find a news stand to buy tram tickets.
We were lucky and were able to hop on Tram #22 right after purchasing
our tickets. This tram brought us over the river to Mala Strana and we
got off at Hellichova and walked up Petrin Hill. The views of Prague
were breathtakingly beautiful. We hiked up through the apple orchard
and relaxed on the benches over looking the city. There was not another
soul in sight. 

After our trek up Petrin Hill, we headed back North towards Malostranske

Namesti passing Church of Our Lady Victorious. Eventually we made our way up 
the never ending steps to St. Wenceslas' Vineyard where we took in the views.

 We walked along the front of the Prague Castle in the Royal  Gardens all the 

 After walking around the square we headed out towards the castle and got to 
watch the changing of the guards. 

It was lunch time and we were staring to get hungry. We made our way back 
down and happened upon a police officer who my Mother so nicely asked where
 we should eat for lunch. He gave us a great recommendation back up the hill two 
blocks called Baracnicka Rychta. We all ordered traditional Czech meals which 
were delicious! 

After lunch, we headed towards Charles Bridge. Along the way, there
were plenty of souvenir shops so we got Uncle Dan's gifts out of the 
way. On our search for the Lennon Wall we stopped and treated 
ourselves to some gelato. Nan had never had gelato before so it was
quite necessary. We found the Lennon wall and the lock bridge which
is the same bridge Kampa Water Wheel is located. We added our lock and 
took some photos.

We headed back over the Charles bridge and to the apartment to drop off our goodies 
for the day. 

Then we headed back out for our tour of, Josefov, the Jewish Quarter. We spent some 
time at the Jewish Quarter walking around and learning about the area. We also got 
some more gifts for little Bennett.

We headed back to the apartment to relax and nap for a little before dinner. Our feet
needed a little TLC and time off. After our nap we headed back out towards Old
Town Square. We realized people were at the top of the Astronomical Clock Tower
and we thought we should also check it out. With no line, there was no way we
could say no. So we bought our tickets and headed on up. The view was amazing.
Seeing the opposite view from the one we saw during the day was pretty cool.

During our horse and carriage ride, we noticed a cycling restaurant, Kolonial.
I figured why not check it out. The menu looked eclectic and tasty. The 
place was quiet and we found a nice seat away from the smoking section.
This was one thing that we hated during our vacation. Everyone smoked, 
everywhere, all the time, day or night, it did not matter. It was awful. We
never got used to it. Dinner came out quickly and we chowed down.

We were all getting tired and ready to head back home. However, we could
not do without dessert so we stopped along the way and had one of fancy
cinnamon sugar rolls they make right in front of you. I might also have
had a small cup of cookie gelato. It is my favorite kind and I cannot
find it anywhere! 

Before bed, we packed everything so we could have as much time the next
morning as possible. That night we slept like babies. We had done so much 
in one day and we needed to rest up for the rest of our time in Prague. We
woke up, for the first time, without an alarm. I think we were finally used
to the time change. We headed out on the town stopping only for coffee and
eggs. Today we were walking to New Town. Along the way, we found an 
outdoor farmers market and shops. It was very apparent when we were no 
longer in Old Town. New Town was much newer. We walked up the main
drag, Wenceslas Square, which was lined with department stores and fast
food restaurants. Something along the lines of H&M, Forever 21 and

Towards the end of the Square there was the monument of St. Wenceslas.
Across from the monument was a beautiful fountain in front of one of the
museums. We headed back North towards our next destination, the Mucha
Museum. This was a small museum on Alphonse Mucha's life and art. At
one point in his career he actually came to NYC. He designed a poster for
an event in Brooklyn. I tried to purchase a copy of the poster however, they
did not have it so I got a book about his life, which had the Booklyn poster
in it. We also got Aunt Debby a bookmark of one of his posters. 

We slowly headed back to the apartment to gather our things. We had to
check out at 11am. From there, we walked to the train station to wait for 
our train to our third city! We had some time so we ate lunch, purchased
snacks for the train, and tried to spend every single last penny we had!

We were off to... Vienna! 

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  1. What an amazing city! My Papa was from Czech. It is absolutely beautiful! Love looking at all of your pictures! I was lucky enough to go about 15 years ago & am now reminded I need to return! That Indian food looked yummy! How did it compare to our place ;) You know how picky we are! You ladies had quite the adventure! Looking forward to the next blog!