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Thursday, November 20, 2014

TAKASHI MURAKAMI: Land of the Dead

Last weekend Sara sent me a Huffington Post article about an art exhibit at the 
Gagosian Gallery she was interested in seeing. This exhibit, on display at the 
Gagosian's Chelsea location, is Takashi Murakami's Land of the Dead. The exhibit
was busy with all kinds of people; Tourists, locals, art enthusiasts, randoms who just 
happened to pass by, and then us, the 30 something year old designers, living in 
New York their whole career who just love interesting and weird art that
grabs our attention. And, weird it was! First of all, the name of the exhibit is
In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow...need I say more?

The colorful art depicted more of the rainbow than the dead however, if you look
closely, the dead definitely made their appearance. We walked around slowly more
curious with how how Murakami created his masterpieces. They really were impressive
and I'm not just talking about the size of the installations. The detail within the pieces
was immaculate. There was no way your eye could catch everything unless you spent
the entire day dissecting each and every section. 

Upon entering, you pass through the "Gates" to the "Land of the Dead," the enormous
black skull staring at you the entire time. At this moment, you are not sure what to 
think of this odd work, until you turn the corner and see the size of the canvas. It 
stretches the entire width of the room and ends with two large sculptures, the guards
to the gates. You better be careful. They're watching you! 

 You name it, it was there. In some random corner, at the very bottom, in a color you had
never seen before, there it was, like a pin in a haystack. Dogs, cats, ships, people, rodents,
sea creatures, fairy tale characters, the imagination is endless. 

The piece grew more impressive as materials were added. Some of my favorites were 
the gold and silver impregnated with tiny skulls which acted as the backdrop for most 
canvases. Once again, the process and technique analyzed our entire visit. It only became
 more and more intriguing the further we entered this insane world.  

I was so enamored with one piece, I was in a completely different world and
did not awaken until I realized that annoying guard was snapping at me. I guess
I crossed "the line." I sit here wondering, when can I revisit that world again?

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