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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tel Aviv, Israel

Last month I was lucky enough to visit Tel Aviv for work. We are working on an amazing
apartment and it was finally time to visit the site. Because this was a work trip, I did not get
to do my normal exploring and definitely did not have time to get lost, which I always try
hard to do. Thankfully, with a working cell phone and Uber, we truly never got lost. Uber 
was always there to the rescue! We arrived bright and early on a Tuesday morning. I had 
an unfortunate mishap with bad frozen yogurt the week before and was still not feeling 
top notch. So when I woke up and realized I had just slept for 8 hours, I felt much better.
Traveling and food poisoning are not two things that go well together. 

We had about an hour to get settled into our hotel, The Dan Tel Aviv, before heading to
the site. After a shower, unpacking and getting everything organized, we hopped an Uber,
our new best friend, and headed to meet the Architect and Contractors. I did have some time
later to walk along the beach and check out the area. 

The beachfront was the nicest area. It was new, clean and of course beautiful. There were all
sorts of people from walking around, working on their tan to getting in some exercising. 

The most interesting aspect of Tel Aviv was the juxtaposition of old and new buildings. There
were brand new buildings in the middle of an older area. This was directly across the street from
the hotel.  

On the way to the site one morning, we had some time to walk around and explore. We
found some interesting things like this perfume shop....

Random juice stands in the middle of the streets or along the side walks were everywhere.

The views of the City were amazing!

After one site visit we had time to sit down and have lunch in the Bauhaus area and then
explore a little more. It was nice to be in a different neighborhood. 

We happened upon the Carmel Market. The entrance was more like what you would see
in the sale aisle of Walmart. However, the deeper you walked into the dark alley, the better
the goods got. Eventually you were smack in the middle of a food market with delectable
looking fruits, vegetables, bread, pastries and candy! Your mouth watering the whole time!

After the market, we found our way back to the job site without getting lost. 

We visited the site to see what the lighting looked like at night. But what was even more
breathtaking was the sun setting over the ocean!

On our last day in Tel Aviv, we had breakfast in the hotel, took a lovely walk on the
beach and then headed out for the day. Fridays are like Saturdays in Israel so because
of this, it was almost as if we had a day off to sight see and be more adventurous. We
headed back towards the Carmel Market however, instead of walking down the alley 
we went the other direction and ran into an Artists market. It was fabulous! I found 
perfect gifts for my friends, nephew and even myself! 

After the wonderful market, we stopped and had lunch at the best restaurant I had eaten
at in awhile. Mizlala was a Spanish Mediterranean fusion restaurant. I could be wrong, 
the dishes we got seemed to be of that concept. It was amazingly delicious. So delicious
I brought home what I couldn't finish to eat before our flight home. 

After lunch, we hopped another Uber. This time, not knowing where we should go, we asked
if there was an antique district in Tel Aviv. He said but of course and took us to Old Town Jaffa.
There was no doubt about it, it was antique, and I'm not talking about the furniture. Jaffa's Old
City is the oldest part of the city. It is filled with antique furniture vendors, new furniture vendors,
restaurants, clothing stores and flea markets. It was the most interesting part of the city we saw.
It was also probably my favorite. 

I found two stores which are, to this day, my favorite. I am in contact with both and 
trying to figure out how to purchase from them while in the USA.  Sharon Brunsher 
and Papier need to come to the states and I mean now! I follow both on Facebook and
 Instagram drooling as I go. I purchased some beautiful notebooks and pads which I
actually ordered more of for Christmas presents. 

After our whirlwind of a day, we headed back to the hotel to relax before making one last 
stop on the beach for a goodbye drink and to watch the sunset. Then we hopped back on
a flight to the USA. What a great experience. 

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