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Friday, March 6, 2015

Birthday Celebration 2015

I have to wish myself a belated blog birthday as I am behind on the times! Life, once
again, has gotten in the way. This year I had an amazing birthday thanks to all of my
wonderful family and friends! As my birthday was on a Saturday, Friday work 
kicked off my birthday early. They surprised me with a card and balloons which
was followed by lunch and my favorite sweet treat, French Crullers. They were 
gone within minutes! Everyone loved them as well. 

Oliver even supported me and was nice enough to pose for this adorable photo!

Saturday morning I woke up to this...

Thank you Guy and Eric for the wonderful serenade!

Leif went to Dunkin' Donuts and got me my favorite vanilla chai tea latte 
and the heart donuts I had been talking about for days. Don't worry, 
we took an hour spin class after to burn off those calories! 

After spin class, I got a package in the mail from my cutest nephew in the whole wide
world, Bennett! There was a random occurrence during the middle of the week which
involved me not receiving my favorite Haribo gummy bears. It was just a coincidence 
that Bennett sent me some as well! Perfect timing. There was also a personalized card.
Too cute. Thank you Bennett!

Before I left for brunch with my friends, I received another box in the mail. This time
it was from my Best friend, Shannon! She sent me two boxes of Sherri's Berries! One
was filled with white chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries and one filled with
a variety of mini cheesecakes!

I went to brunch with my best friends and then we went to see Fifty Shades of Grey! 
It was seriously not as terrible as everyone was saying. It was the perfect thing to do
on valentine's day with your girlfriends! When I came home there were flowers for me!
Oliver thought it looked a bit like him! 

That evening, Leif took me out to a wonderful dinner at The Leadbelly in 
Chinatown. We had a wonderful little table away from other diners and directly 
in front of the three piece band. We sipped on our drinks and chatted the night
away! He surprised me with not only the flowers, balloons, and a box of 
chocolates, but a he also got me a Retro wireless speaker for my Living Room!
I can't thank him enough! I love everything!

Sunday morning we woke up and went to Staten Island to take the dogs for
a nice wintery hike! Then we took a long deserved nap. For dinner we headed
to Asbury Park, NJ. We had been talking about visiting AP for some time
but haven't had the chance to get there. Thankfully, our friend Stephanie, 
reminded us of some delicious restaurants she loves and we thought it was
the perfect time to visit! We had dinner at Porta Asbury and it was very 
delicious. Their pizza reminded me of the pizza I fell in love with in Rome.
Apparently, their two brick ovens were made in Italy! This explains everything!

Monday was President's Day and I was lucky to have it off. We were once again,
very lazy and watched movies, cooked dinner and relaxed. My birthday weekend
was a success and I was sad for it to be over! Thank you to everyone for making
me feel so loved and special! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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  1. Looks like you had a very Happy Birthday! Glad you had a fabulous birthday/valentine weekend!