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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Arms Around Atlas

This weekend I found out some heartbreaking news. One of my best friends from 
Jenks High School, Kimi Hopkins (Stenstrom) who is pregnant with her first baby, 
due the first week of October, went for her 36 week checkup on Monday. She
received some devastating news, her baby boy has something wrong with his little

Kimi and her husband Nick were sent to a specialist in San Antonio who then
confirmed exactly what that devastating news was. Little Atlas has Tricuspid
Atresia with transposition of the great vessels. I am not exactly sure what that
means but what I do know is that his little heart is not exactly like ours. Kimi
was sent to Houston to see another specialist for a second opinion. Her family
and two of our other best friends, Kylie and Katherine, went down to Houston
to visit Kimi and Nick. They have been keeping all of us out of towners informed.

Kimi has been scheduled for a C-Section on September 28th. I cannot wait to 
wish little Atlas Walter Hopkins a very happy birthday. Time will be crucial. 
If all goes well, and his heart and lungs can sustain him, on the fourth day of
his life, he will undergo his first of three surgeries to repair his little heart. 

Since Kimi and Nick live in Stonewall, TX, staying in Houston will be a huge
expense. Not to mention all of the hospital bills to come. I have started a 
Go Fund Me page to help support the Hopkins Family during this time. We
have also started a Facebook page to keep everyone up to date.  A wonderful
group of Kimi's friends have come together to keep everyone informed. I can't
do much from NYC, but what I can do, I will. 

We have no idea how Atlas' heart defect was missed during the first and second
trimesters but we are thankful that it was found before he was born and everyone
can be prepared. I wish there was more I could do to help this special family.

I am still honored to have been a part of this beautiful wedding, almost two
years ago to this day. The three of you will be on my mind everyday. I love you.

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