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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hiking: Break Neck Ridge

The weekend before my new job started, Leif and I took off upstate to do
something we love most, spend a day outdoors.  During the warmer months if
we are not cycling, walking the dog or hiking, we are out on the boat, canoeing
down a river, kayaking in the bay or lounging in the tubes in the ocean. We love
to be outside. Which is funny since we live in NYC. Every chance we get, we
escape the city and find ourselves in the middle of beautiful nowhere. We drove
North up the Hudson to Cold Spring, NY stopping along the way to site see. I had
never hiked Break Neck Ridge but had been hearing about it for years. Oliver and
I had successfully made it up a couple other hikes in the area, but this well
known ridge was still unknown to us.

The day was warmer than it had been in a few months and extremely humid. This
was something none of us had been used to since the winter seemed to drag on forever
and we actually had a nice spring. So, of course the day we decide to go hiking, it was
hot, sticky and humid. It affected Oliver more than any of us. My little climber was
pooped after the first 15 minutes. We had 5.5 more miles to go! We thought maybe 
he would wake up eventually, but for now, it was in the backpack and up the rigorous

This is not a tough climb for experienced climbers, however, for amateurs who
only hike or climb a few times a year, was very dangerous and difficult. Thankfully,
both of us were in pretty good shape and had little difficulty. Oliver on the other hand
very much enjoyed the view from my back. So spoiled. But, there was no way his little
legs could have carried him up these cliffs. I however, got an extra workout. Nine 
pounds sure gets heavy after awhile, especially if that awhile is all up hill. 

The views from the top, which is the point for most people on this climb, 
were stunning. For some people, the actual hike itself is the overall point. 
For me, the view gave me the chance to relax and catch my breath. 
Kind of like this one here...

About halfway into the hike the little fella finally said enough and plopped
himself down in the middle of the path and wouldn't get up. Not even for food. 

So back in the backpack he went. 

Poor guy.

I meant Leif. 

Eventually we came across this beautiful clear running river and dunked
the little dude. He didn't even try to drink the water, just stood letting
it cool his tiny little body off. He must have been over heated because
after that, he was on a roll for the next two mile home stretch. Myself,
I was ready to be done! We had a great time and I would definitely 
do it that I know what to expect! 

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