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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

West Chazy, NY: Vesco Ridge Vineyards

In July, the entire family flew upstate to visit the extended family! This was
Bennett's first time upstate! I'm pretty sure he loved it and I'm positive the 
family loved it even more! 

Besides from the scary phone call we got informing us that Mom, who flew up 
a few days before the rest of us, was in the hospital, everything was fantastic!  
It turns out she had a little case of something not so scary but, extremely painful. 
Thankfully, after an overnight stay, she was released and home by the time I 
arrived that evening. 

Leif drove me to the airport and we stopped at our all time favorite pizza place, 
New Park Pizza, for dinner. We got a whole pie so I could bring some upstate
for the family. Unfortunately, it was a little soggy by the time I got there but
that did not stop Andy and Dad from eating it in the car on the way home. 

I mean, who wouldn't...

Every morning Oliver and I entertained this little dude while his parents
tried to sleep in a bit. Aunt Nancy said we did a good job. I think we did too!

We spent most of the time outside running around outside, showing Bennett
the farm animals, and drinking...I mean, we were staying at a vineyard!

Bennett found Broom and it became his absolute best friend the entire trip. 
Bennett was sad when Broom was not there. Bennett threw a fit when he 
could see Broom but was not allowed to play with Broom. Oh, to be young
again and something like a simple broom makes you happy. 

Daddy, Bennett and Broom. 

The weather was perfect so we loved to spend most of the days outside. 
Usually we were chasing Bennett around. 

So when we had a quiet moment, like this one, we took full advantage!

We even made a pit stop at McSweeny's for Bennett to try his first Michigan.
Of course he slept through the entire thing! 

We got his hot dog to go and then of course he woke up! We are pretty sure he liked it!

What do you think?

It looks like we might have another little rockstar on our hands! 

We even flew out at the same time so I got to say goodbye at the airport!

It was a great weekend filled with a lot of laughter, alcohol, music and love!
Andy performed on the vineyard deck Saturday night in front of so many
family members and friends while Bennett took center stage dousing himself
with the water from the fountain. He was soaked and loving life! Isn't that all
that matters? I can't wait until next time! 

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