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Thursday, November 5, 2015

NYC: Shannon's Bachelorette Party

As the Maid of Honor, one of my main priorities was to plan the perfect 
Bachelorette Party. Since Shannon and Eric got engaged, I've been planning 
Shannon's Bachelorette Party. It turns out, Eric's brother Scott, who is the 
best man, also lives in NYC. That solidified the location for both Bachelor 
and Bachelorette parties, New York City! The first thing I did, hand make 
the custom invitations! I must say, they turned out pretty fantastic. I will 
not apologize for the confetti. 

I reviewed my itinerary with Shannon a few times before I actually locked
in on a plan and Google doc sheet. It was so great to be able to keep all of
the information for the weekend on one sheet that everyone could access.
Once the plan was set, the invitations were sent out to the lovely ladies!

Over the next year, we slowly set everything in stone. Shannon and I looked
for months for the perfect AirBnB. We had such difficulty finding an AirBnB
in NYC. I have stayed in AirBnB's all over the world and have never had an 
issue. NYC, you are tough. Finally, after working directly with AirBnB, we
got extremely lucky and found the perfect AirBnB in NoHo. Slowly over the
next couple of months, I started making reservations and confirming plans.

All of the sudden, the girls were here! Almost everyone flew in Thursday 
night. Shannon and Kimmi stayed with me that night. After mani/pedis
we walked around to find a place to eat. I had just moved to Brooklyn 
Heights and was not too familiar with the neighborhood yet. Along the
way, the girls attracted some of New York's finest...

Eventually we decided on Lantern Thai. We sat outside and have a delicious
meal. Some of the best pad thai I've ever had. It was a beautiful evening and
actually starting to get a little cool out. That did not stop us from taking the
dogs for a walk along the promenade after dinner. The view is too beautiful 
to pass if you have never seen it. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and took on the Brooklyn
Bridge. It was a beautiful quiet weekday morning and we walked around 
the tip of Manhattan and back to Brooklyn. We had to get in as much of
a workout as possible before meeting up with the other girls for brunch.

We cleaned up and headed into Manhattan's Meat Packing District for some 
brunch at the Standard Grill.  They gave us a great table outside in the 
garden and we waited for the girls to arrive. We could not have asked for a 
more perfect day to kick of this bachelorette weekend!

 After brunch we headed to NoHo to check into the AirBnB. I made the girls
custom tote bags filled with goodies for the weekend. I included face masks,
hangover kits, candy, hand sanitizer, shot glasses, Kind bars and water. 
Whitney had custom tattoos made as well which were adorable. 

We relaxed for a few hours before getting ready for dinner. That evening we
were meeting up with the Bachelor Party for a Guys and Dolls night on the town.
I made reservations at my favorite Italian spot, Rubirosa. I had been with a large
group before and it was great so I felt this was the perfect spot. Not to mention
Shannon and I had been before when I lived on Mulberry Street. 

Dinner was fantastic. We had four courses which included salad, rice balls, meat
balls, three different pizzas and two pastas along with an amazing Cheesecake
for dessert. Everyone loved the meal. They even had enough left over pizza for
a 2am snack! 

After dinner, we stopped by the AirBnB to drop off the pizza, have  a couple
of drinks and head back out to B Bar. We had a perfect table in their outside
garden. It was so great getting to know Shannon and Eric's friends. Living so
far away is hard, but times like these are what matter! 

The following morning, we were up bright and early again. This time we headed 
to Murray's Bagel for some carb loading before our morning workout. When in NYC
you must have pizza and a bagel. Check! Check!

After breakfast, we walked to Union Square, walked around the green market
and then headed on the subway to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for our Silks class. 
I must say, this is one of the hardest things I've done! It requires so much upper
body strength, which I don't have, but it was a blast. An hour was the perfect
amount of time for our group size. Everyone got to enjoy it without getting too
burnt out. 

Shannon's cheerleading days paid off!

After Silks, we headed to Bedford Street, had some lunch, and walked around
and shopped for awhile. Eventually, we were all ready for nap time before our
big night out! 

The bight celebration night had arrived! We were all dolled up and ready to
party! After champagne in the AirBnB, we headed to dinner at Tao Downtown.
I must say, if you would like a wow atmosphere, Tao Downtown is just that. It
was over the top and exactly what we were hoping for! 

It was so amazing we couldn't help by take a photo upon entering! Dinner was
good and we even made some friends who bought us a round of shots!

After Tao, we headed to our final spot for the evening, Hotel Chantelle! The place
was perfect. They even had storage units for our personal belongings in the back of 
the banquette seats. Exactly what we needed! Our table/bottle service was located
on the basement level. We had full run of all three floors and even spent some time
on the roof top! We danced the night away until we couldn't remember! 

The next morning we were all a little rough. I went to request money from Kylie
and accidentally paid her, then I did some laundry and hopped into the shower. 
I guess it had not occurred to me that I had thrown my towels in the washing
machine since the girls had stayed with me. I used a wash cloth to dry off. I ran
into the corner of my door and gave myself a nice bruise. And, to top it all off, I
locked myself out of my apartment. It was a fun morning. After I put myself back
together, I met the girls at the AirBnB and we headed to brunch! 

Beauty and Essex could not have been more perfect. The food was absolutely 
amazing, the servers and manager were fantastic and the atmosphere was of
course beautiful. Most of the girls had to head to the airport immediately after
brunch. Shannon and I headed to Eric's hotel to meet up with him. We spent some
time walking around, spending time together and enjoying an early dinner at Fonda
Nolita Tacombi. After our long goodbye, I headed home and went to bed at 5pm. It
was the best decision I made all weekend!

It was an amazing weekend, one I will remember forever and I hope Shannon
does as well! Next stop, the wedding! I love you Shannon!  

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