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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Goodbye Friends: Emma and Sara

The end of last year brought many good things along with a few sad things. 
Two of my very dear and best friends, for the past 10 years, moved away. 
Within a week of each other! 

Emma went first. As it wasn't easy, it was the easier of the two. I had a whole 
year to plan for Emma's move. Plus, she might only be gone for a year or two. 
Emma requested to move to India for a year or two for work. As sad as I was
to see her leave, I am so excited for her adventures and to visit! Not to mention
her husband went too!

A big group of friends said goodbye on a Sunday afternoon in Williamsburg.
The dogs even came! There was no way Oliver was going to let Auntie Em
leave without saying goodbye!

Then there is Sara... who decided to randomly interview at a company in Florida. 
Of course she got the job almost a week later and then moved within one month. 
ONE MONTH! One of those weeks within that month she was in Mexico scuba 
diving. That left me three weeks with my best friend! 

I could not comprehend the magnitude of what was actually happening. I tried.
I knew it would not hit until she left. So I decided to do something about it. I
went everywhere she did. I had breakfast with her every morning. Or at least I
ate and she watched. We hung out every evening. I even went to scuba classes,
where she helps teach, with her just to hang out. 

Finally, the dreadful day came. Her going away party. Right down the street
in Brooklyn from our apartment. Did I mention we live in the same apartment
building, in the same apartment, two floors apart. We also have matching dogs.
Sara and I spent the entire day together, helping her pack, cleaning her apartment,
taking her shades and curtains down, patching the holes in her walls, and running
errands for the party. We brought enough snacks for the whole bar. Everyone came.
It was a fun night until it had to end. It felt completely normal and then she was

Both Emma and Sara have been back to NYC since leaving. Within a week apart
from each other, just like they left. It was great to spend time with both of them.
I miss them. But, I know we will see each other again soon. 

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