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Monday, October 17, 2016

Cabin in the Catskills

We are home owners!! Or should I say cabin owners? We closed on our very own
cabin in the woods and we couldn't be more excited! Isn't she cute.

We cabin hunted for nine months! Every single weekend we were in the car for hours driving
to the Poconos, Catskills, Hamptons, and somewhere in New Jersey. It was exhausting but 
definitely worth it! 

After what felt like a year of excruciating back and forth contact with accountants, lawyers,
and real estate agents, we finally closed! We were lucky to get the cabin fully furnished.
This included all of the outdoor furniture as well!

We have a pond on the property which has been properly named "Lucky Pond."

We even have a hot tub and outdoor shower! 

The interior is slowly starting to feel like home. Eventually we will slowly replace some of
the existing furniture but, for now, everything is perfect.

My Mom bought us this awesome vintage like clock and cutting board during her visit.

Lucky and Oliver love the screened in porch. The perfect place for a wet dog that
just went swimming in the pond.

The existing drapery is made from old fashioned ski poles. 

For Christmas last year I got this beautiful extra large wood cutting board. 

All of the cabinetry, the counter top, oven and stove are all original to the house. 

Aunt Debby gave us this wonderful set of dishes which look beautiful in ourglass cabinet! 
Of course we had to bring our Vesco Ridge Vineyard mugs and wine glasses!

Eventually we will paint the bathroom and bedrooms, but for now, it is in
such wonderful condition. 

This little buck was the perfect addition to add just that extra cabin feel! The
dog bed helps too! 

Our bedroom needs a little work. We will eventually paint. Since this photo was taken
we have have changed the window treatments. Art will slowly be added. 

Our Guest Bedroom is very sweet. Again, we will paint and add some art. 

I can't wait to spend the holidays in our little cabin in the woods! The dogs are pretty
excited too. 

Did I mention it has been snowing up there for weeks now? All of the ski mounts are open.
We actually have already been skiing! We are 15 minutes from the nearest mountain. 

Down the road from our house, on our quiet little street, we have a few train heads. This one
you have to cross this adorable bridge to start. Oliver and I ventured up the hill for a little
hike one weekend. 

It was absolutely beautiful!

Owning a house is a lot of work! I knew it would be but, wow! There is something new to
do or take care of every weekend. Not to mention, we are renovating our house in the city
at the same time. I'm not sure how smart that was but I think everything will be ok! 
More to come from our cabin in the woods! 

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! I cannot wait to visit! It is perfect!! And the doggies look right at home!!