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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dallas, TX: Mr. and Mrs. Andrews

On October 2, 2015 my best friend married her Prince Charming. Shannon and I
have done everything together from sky diving in Hawaii, to scuba diving in Mexico.
We have been best friends since high school and have been able to not only
maintain our friendship but strengthen it throughout the years. As they say,
distance makes the heart grow fonder. It doesn't only relate to significant others.

I arrived in Dallas a few days early. Shannon had most things already ready for the
big day, but we still had a lot of things to get done before the rehearsal dinner.
The rehearsal dinner was at Whiskey Cake; A restaurant Shannon and Eric had
previously taken me to for brunch. They had the best whiskey cake on earth. 
I was excited for a repeat. 

Beautiful bridesmaids with the bride!

The happy bride and groom!

The crazy groomsmen!

Shannon with the handsome men!

Eric with the beautiful ladies!

The wedding morning we all woke up early, packed our bags and headed out to the wedding venue. It took hours getting this place to look this beautiful but, it was 
worth it! Shannon and Eric had made so many decorations and even purchased lights
for us to hang over the beams. Of course that was the groomsmen's duty.

Shannon's beautiful accessories!

Shannon gave the bridesmaids these beautiful gift boxes filled with goodies. 

Shannon selected beautiful bridesmaids dresses. I loved mine!

The weather for the wedding could not have been more perfect. A beautiful crisp 70
degrees and we were standing in the shade. 

The beautiful bride and groom. 

And this cake... no words!

After the ceremony, all of the guests filled the beautiful reception room. 

Leif flew in the day of the wedding and my parents picked him up at the airport. 
They spent all day together as I was setting up for the wedding. I am thankful my
parents were such a big help. 

Beautiful center pieces!

Their first dance!

Of course, the photobooth was a blast! 

The day after the wedding, my parents, Leif and I went to Dallas for the rest of the
weekend. We checked into the fancy Hotel Zaza and then hit the town to find a great
brunch spot, which we did, and it was amazing. They even had a champagne bar!

Leif and I had massages and facials after brunch and then took a well needed nap.
We met my parents later that evening for dinner at a restaurant Shannon and 
Eric had recommended. Dinner was amazingly delicious. 

Once again, the weekend went by too quickly, but it was fun! Congratulations to 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews!! I love you both so much!

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