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Sunday, August 21, 2016


This was a big year for Emma! Her company approved her offer to send her overseas
to India to work for a year AND she got married!  In August Kristen and I threw her
a bachelorette party with the most wonderful hashtag ever, #emmasgettingmeowied!

We made a day of it! The night before her best friend from San Francisco flew in 
to surprise her. Gracie and I went shopping and did all the preparation work. The
following morning, everyone met at a spa in downtown Manhattan. Gracie and I
picked up some pastries from Cranberry's for breakfast. It was a huge surprise
for Emma! She had no idea what we were doing and the fact that Erica and Gracie
were here made it that much more special. 

After massages, hot tubs, steam rooms and relaxation, we went to Birch Box 
and got our hair and makeup done! After our pampering, we headed back to my
apartment for some wining and dining!

It was time for our night out! We headed to Gallow Green for dinner where more of
Emma's friends joined. We had a wonderful table, a delicious punch and an 
abundance of food! 

Kristen found cat tattoos, which were amazing. Emma's looked real!

After dinner we got our pool on at the one and only The Patriot. We ended the evening
at Dead Rabbit for some fancy cocktails. It was a wonderful and successful night!

Only a few short weeks later, they got married at the beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Emma and Mat had a hotel room at the Crosby Street hotel where all of
the ladies met before heading to the wedding. 

It seemed very appropriate as Mat's last name is Street. 

Plus, Emma's favorite doggie is a doxie too!

The table settings were beautiful!

Leif and I had such a great time. The food was amazing and the cake was the
best that we had ever had!

This was one of the only weddings I've ever been to where everyone danced
the ENTIRE night! It was such a blast! 

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  1. Congrats Emma! What a fantastic weekend!!! Looks like an awesome time!