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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fox Hill Farm

My parents went skiing this year without me. Can you believe it? They just decided
to go back to Alta and enjoy a week of skiing just the two of them. Good for them. 
During this ski trip, they met a very nice couple from New York and it just so 
happened that the wife rides horses, at a barn fairly close to NYC. 

The very minute it warmed up, Anne invited me up one weekend to ride. I called
the bar, Fox Hill Farm, and booked a lesson. Anne was nice enough to pick me up
from the train station. The owner/trainer, Jane, had me ride her old horse, Mikey.
Mikey was great and my lesson was so much fun! I even got to jump a little. 

Anne also took a lesson! We had a great day!

I continued to ride every other weekend all summer. Oliver started to join me at the
barn. After my trip back home to Tulsa, I brought back my saddle and riding clothes.
It was so nice to ride in my own saddle!

Jane also kept me up to date with the horse shows in the area and so an old riding
friend from Tulsa and I drove up to North Salem to watch the Grand Prix at one of
their shows. It was so awesome to see McClain Ward not only ride but win! 

It was so beautiful out there, I could have stayed forever!

Oliver even had a great time! His first Grand Prix. 

I can't wait until it warms up to start riding again for next year! 

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