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Monday, November 9, 2015

Nashville: Andy's 30th Birthday

 My little brother turned 30, and now I feel old! I was lucky to be able to fly down to
Nashville for the weekend and spend time with this adorable family! We did so many
fun things including brunch at Biscuit Love! 

My adorable breakfast date! That is his blankie (dede) and not a scarf. 

We played in the fall leaves! Oliver joined us!

We went for a walk to Edgehill and did a little shopping. Oliver came too!

We visited the new rock climbing gym and had a blast. Bennett tried to climb everything!
He even enjoyed watching us!

That evening for dinner, we went to our favorite, Lockeland Table. Dinner was delicious. 
This was my first time however, I had heard from Andy, Jennie and my parents about
the place for months. I couldn't wait to visit myself. It did not disappoint. 

After dinner we joined some of Andy and Jennie's friends for some more celebrating.
Shots included. 

Needless to say, we all had a blast! 

Happy Birthday Bro!

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