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Sunday, October 25, 2015

NYC: Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island

For Christmas a few years ago, I gave my Dad an inscription on the walls at Ellis Island. 
His Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother move to the United States through
Ellis Island many years ago. I had previously logged onto the Ellis Island website and
found both of them. There are many gift options, including images of their signatures
from boarding the boats, images of the boats and of course, the inscriptions. 
I went for the inscription as I felt it would honor our family in the best way and 
last a lifetime. 

It took almost a year for the panel with our inscription to be installed. The
website updates you on the status. Once I was informed that the panel was up,
I had my parents schedule a trip to NYC to visit. I booked tickets in advance to 
The Status of Liberty and Ellis Island, as you have to kill two birds with one stone,
there is no other way. 

We decided to go first thing in the morning to avoid any rush and tourist traps 
we possibly could. The boat was large and easy to board and the trip to Ellis Island
was quick and easy. The weather was beautiful and a nice day for a boat ride. 

We headed to the Status of Liberty first. All of the tickets to the crown were sold out, 
months in advance. Therefore, we did the next best thing. There was one tiny elevator
so we chose to take the stairs all of the way up and all of the way back down. It was 
a lot of stairs so be prepared. 

Once we were finished, we hopped back on the boat to our final destination,
Ellis Island. We first toured the museum and then went outside to find the 
wall and our panel. It was one of the newest ones installed and at the end, 
so it was easy for us to find. I also had one happy Dad! 

I cannot wait for Bennett to see this one day! 

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