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Friday, June 12, 2015

Tulsa, OK: Labor Day Weekend 2015

It's been awhile and as per usual, life has been busy. This post is well over a year old. However, I am going to try to get caught up, even if they are late. 

Leif and I went to Tulsa for Labor Day weekend 2015. This was Leif's first trip to 
Tulsa. I should have picked a different weekend. I completely forgot the fact that
everyone in Tulsa heads to the lake leaving downtown Tulsa like the scene 
from Walking Dead, which Leif happened to remind me every five seconds. 

The flight there was easy and the Oklahoma sky was beautiful. 

The doggies loved him. Sadly, our beautiful Annabelle has gone to
Doggy heaven since then. I am really glad that Leif got to meet her. 

I just love the closet in my bedroom at home. 

Leif and I borrowed my parents road bikes and went for a nice long ride in the 
sweltering heat. We made a stop at the one and only Quik Trip. It worked out
perfectly that Leif and my dad are similar in height and we could use their bikes.

My parents drove us all around Tulsa to show Leif where I grew up. Including
my high school! It was a blast from the past and looked completely different 
even to me!

We even had time to squeeze in a Skib - Jewett family tradition: Lunch at India Palace.

We spent all mornings drinking coffee out by the pool. What a wonderful view!

The weekend was wonderful but of course, went by too quickly. 

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