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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Upstate: My Birthday

For my birthday, we headed upstate to visit my family at the vineyard, Vesco Ridge.
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan hosted us and we had a wonderful birthday celebration.

Aunt Kim made me my one and only birthday cake! It was my first and I was so excited!
Leif made a delicious dinner for us. 

The dogs were sure into Uncle Dan's cooking. 

It was absolutely freezing. I am talking below temperatures freezing. But, we still
decided to make a day of it and head up to Lake Placid. 

Oliver wasn't having any of it, including the boots. 

We visited the ice castle, which was beautiful. 

It made us feel like a king and queen, for five seconds, which is all we could stand,
and then we had to go thaw out in the car. 

The following morning, Uncle Dan made me birthday pancakes with Kim and Lee's
famous Sanger's maple syrup. 

How lucky am I to have a family that spoils me! Love them all!

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