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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Utah: Skib's Ski 2016

How adorable is this little snow bunny! Sadly, he did not get to go to Utah. 

This year, the trip was a little different then the last. Although I feel like every year is 
different these days. Andy and Jennie were unable to make it as Bennett was just two.
Two years old is a little young to start skiing. Andy was working a lot and could not get away as well. 

I was only supposed to go for a few days when an unexpected thing 
happened. I lost my job. Apparently, they could not afford my salary anymore. He told me he had to lay someone off and that it was going to be me and today was my last day and I could go home if I wanted to. Wow.  

The first thing I did after applying for other jobs that night was change my airplane 
ticket so I could ski the full week. Boy, was I glad I did. They say everything 
happens for a reason right?

The day before I left for the ski trip, I had three job offers. The first day of the ski tip, 
I accepted one of those job offers. It has now been 8 months since I started this job
and it has been wonderful. Needless to say, this trip was a big celebration as well!

We headed to Park City one afternoon. We walked around town and went shopping
and then enjoyed a wonderful Italian dinner with good friends!

I spent a good time in the hot tub pampering myself and enjoying my time off!

We had such beautiful days skiing!

Look at my bad ass Mom go!

I don't look so bad either..

What a great week in Utah! 

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