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Monday, November 14, 2016

Cabin in the Catskills: Family Edition

These two goofy gals came to visit the cabin and what a time we had! They
arrived before we were able to get there and had the cabin warm and ready.
They even went grocery shopping! That evening Leif cooked us dinner and
we popped a few bottles of wine. The night was relaxing but entertaining! 

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and headed out for the day. The first stop, 
a beautiful hike at Kaaterskill Falls. The first part of the hike was up hill and
only up hill. Halfway up the hill was the base of the falls. We stopped for a minute
to take some photos and honestly, take a breather. It was a perfect day, a little
cool but, we warmed up quickly.

The top of the mountain was a wonderful sight and beautiful! We were all all out of 
breath, including the dogs. We stopped to take in the view and have a little snack 
before we headed back down the mountain.  


After Kaaterskills Falls, we headed into Tannerville for some ice cream and
to explore the little town. We even stopped at the local Hudson-Chatham
winery to check it out. Tannersville was adorable. 

After we stopped by Hunter Mountain to check it out. We let the dogs run 
around while we explored a little and snapped some photos. 

That evening, we headed into town for some dinner at Oakley's. It was our 
first time, although we had heard about it from all the locals. Their personal
pizza pies are the perfect meal. After dinner we hit the hot tub and some 
more wine and relaxed our sore bodies. 

The following morning we walked the loop in our neighborhood. The four 
miles is beautiful and extremely quite. 

It was such a great weekend and I cannot wait until they come back to visit. 
They were our official first guests and we had such an amazing time. I miss
them everyday! 

I mean, how beautiful is it up there! 

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