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Thursday, March 23, 2017


 Guess what!! I'm engaged! Can you believe it? Because I sure as hell can't!
Actually, we have been engaged for a few months and all of our close family
and friends knew. I just had not said anything until I had that bling on that
finger! So, it is officially social media official!

Leif and I had been talking about getting married for some time now. I originally 
had the idea of having a small wedding upstate at Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan's 
vineyard. I knew my whole family would be there in July for Uncle Dan's surprise 
birthday party. My parents had actually already started talking about renting a 
camp on Lake Champlain for that entire week.  Leif wanted the courthouse.
So, the courthouse it was. 

We thought a nice dinner with our immediate families that evening would 
be a nice ending to the day to celebrate! grew to his immediate 
family and my extended family, as his immediate family was still larger than 
my extended family... yes, I know. THEN...we decided we could not do it 
without our few close best friends. 

It was decided, we would get married at the courthouse with only our immediate 
family an then we would have dinner, at a place of my choosing, of course, 
with our immediate families, my extended family and a very few close best friends. 

We had picked a date in June for the courthouse and I was starting to plan
all of the other details. I was working on a restaurant and figured if you're in 
NYC, why not do Italian? Sadly, my favorite Italian restaurant had closed a 
few years before. RIP Bianca on Bleeker Street, you are missed. However,
they did have a sister restaurant, Fiore, in Williamsburg! Fiore had a nice
back garden area with string lights and a wonderful family style menu. As
the restaurant was in Williamsburg, I booked us a wonderful room at the 
brand new William Vale Hotel overlooking the East River and Manhattan.
It was all coming together. 

Around January, Leif and I were at the cabin relaxing and enjoying a glass
of red when I pulled out my folder and started discussing the dinner menu
with him. When out of nowhere, he says, "why don't we just get married
at the vineyard." Jaw drops.. "What did you say?" Why don't we get married
at the vineyard. Silently in my head I am screaming, LIKE I FIRST 
SUGGESTED MONTHS AGO? But if there is one thing I have learned about 
men is it has to be their idea. You need to learn to plant the seed and let
it grow... So he said, I need to ask my parents to see if they will do the
drive and if they will then let's do it. Of course they will. 

And now I had SIX MONTHS to find a dress, book a photographer, plan 
a wedding! Well, it is a damn good thing 'Organized' is my middle name!

In March, Leif and I met with Phil, a good family friend of theirs. Phil
is a diamond dealer/cutter something to do with diamonds. I showed him
the photo of the ring I wanted and the next thing I knew, we were at his 
house picking my diamond. Two weeks later, it was ready to be picked up.

Now, of course, knowing your ring is ready is exciting, but apparently not
as exciting to the man as it is to the woman who gets to wear the ring. 
I had to sit for TWO whole days, blocks from Phil's shop, knowing my ring
was ready all because Leif had to pay the guy first??? Talk about torture!

It was a Thursday, March 23rd to be exact, and I got a text from Leif.
It said, you're not going to guess what I found in the Kitchen wall! Now, 
remember, we were in the middle of renovating our house and just a 
few weeks earlier, he was showing off the "vintage" beer cans he found
in the walls of the Bathroom to Uncle Dan. My reply.. It better not be a
dead animal! His reply was even better...

My ring! My beautiful ring!! I was jumping up and down like an idiot. I told him 
I was coming right over and he said what about Sara? I said what about Sara? He 
said isn't she flying in tonight? I said yes, but not until midnight. He said alright,
come on over! I ran to that Uber as fast as I could and my heart would not stop
beating out of my chest. A very long 30 minutes later and I was pounding on the
front door! Of course, he couldn't unlock it for me! The poor guy was in his
painting clothes, paint all over him, painting my new kitchen cabinets! Gotta
love a good man! 

I had to get back to my apartment shortly after as Sara was really flying in that
night. But, I have to say, as nights go, it was one for the books! Sara, her
boyfriend Tanner and I went down to Henry Street Ale House for a quick drink
and then we crashed! It was a good day! 

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