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Monday, April 24, 2017

Bachelorette Party: Napa, CA

 Oh my goodness. I feel so blessed. I just had one of the most amazing 
vacations of my life. Right there behind Palau! You know, since I actaully
met Leif on that trip to Palau. My three dearest friends from High School
just spoiled me rotten and I cannot be more amazed with what they had 
done for me. I am speechless.

Originally, last October, during Kylie's wedding weekend, we decided to 
plan a girls trip. Napa was all agreed upon. Then, once Leif and I started
talking about getting married, it went from a girls trip to Lexi's Bachelorette
party! Which, of course, I was fine with! 

For a month prior to Thursday, April 20th, I was getting my nails done, 
having my eyebrows threaded, visiting Skin Laundry for my face to be 
perfect and then the most painful experience, laying down awake, with
my eyes closed, for TWO hours while they glued individual fake eyelashes
onto my eye lids. I was ready, right then and there, for this wedding shit
to be over with. I'm a girl, but I am not a girly girl and this girly girl shit
was getting on my last nerve. Who has the time to get this done weekly?

Anyway, I looked beautiful. At least I better had. My flight to San Francisco
was a piece of cake and all three of my nearest and dearest landed around
the same time. Kylie and Kimi were early and thankfully had already picked
up the rental car and were pulling up just as I found Shannon! We hit the road
running with a pandora playlist with hits from when we were in high school
and headed towards Napa. How many blondes does it take to get to Napa?
Let's just say, the car ride was an adventure! 

We went directly to Oxbow Market for a late lunch and some rose heyyy! 
Everything was delicious and it was so great catching up with the girls. 

After lunch, we headed to our adorable little rental house. Shannon, you did well.

I mean, how adorable is this!

I even got my own room. It was so sunny and cheerful and complete with goodies
from Sara!!

That night we went to the grocery store, three times - don't ask, hung around 
the house, unpacked, listened to music, played some sand volleyball, took a
dip in the hot tub and went to be fairly late. The next morning we had a schedule.
The girls were being very sneaky and told me to relax until I was told I was needed.

Finally they called for me...

I mean, come on!! How amazing! 

They had bags made, wine glasses made, goodies in the custom bags, custom 
t-shirts, a banner, gold straws! GOLD STRAWS!!!

And then there were donuts. Oh my gosh, was I one happy lady!

We finally showered and got ready for our big day! 

It was time to go, as we walked outside, a stretch LIMO pulled up to the driveway!
We all climbed in, turned on the music and it drove us here... 

Hello Heaven, I didn't know I would meet you so soon! The first winery of the day
was the breathtaking Domaine Carneros.

Their speciality was sparkling wines. We thought it was appropriate to try all
of them. 

After I had had more wine in the last two hours than I had the whole year, it was time
for lunch. Thank goodness! Those donuts an only hold you over for so long. And lunch
at Farmstead was delicious! 

The second winery visit of the day was Sterling. How beautiful is this view!

We took the gondola ride up to the winery, which was awesome. 

There were sampling stations along the tour where you could try all different types
of their wines. Finally, you get to this...

How beautiful are these blondes! 

Why not take your wine to go for the gondola ride back down!

Our third and final winery of the day was The Castle. I am not kidding you, it 
really was a castle. I love this shot of me owning the place!

We took a tour of the castle. It was massive. I cannot remember now but it was
something like 20,000 sq. ft. and took 15 years to build. Oh, and there was a 
tasting at the end complete with chocolates! 

The limo took us home in the late afternoon. We snacked on left over donuts...

Then we all took a nap and fell asleep for at least two hours. It was a much needed
sleep after traveling, day drinking, staying up late catching up, and spending a whole day
drinking in heels. Shannon was able to push our reservation back an hour so we all had
time to clean up and be presentable for dinner at Morimoto! 

Dinner was delicious. We were all clearly exhausted but we enjoyed the company
and the food!

The next morning, we had to be up fairly early for our big adventure day! But first, 
donuts! Shannon and I went back to buy more donuts. Well deserved. After breakfast,
we donned our Lululemons and custom t-shirts and headed to the Clif Family Winery. 

Clif Family Winery is the same Clif as in Clif Bar. Yes, you've most likely had one. 
Not only do they sell Clif Bars, but they also sell wine. And guess what, they have

The girls rented us bikes so we could bike around Napa! Upon arrival, they 
gave us either hot tea or a coffee, a Clif Bar goodie of our choice and a 
tutorial on the bikes. Then we peddled away! 

But first, not with out photos!

Of course I had to get the staple bike in the vineyard shot.

Shannon had to get her Yoga shot. 

And then we all had to get one in front of this awesome archway. 

We ended up along this beautiful road in the middle of the woods with these amazing
and huge trees. 

Then we decided the hills were too hard and we wanted to go back towards 
town where we could find lunch. 

Gott's Roadside looked like the hot spot so we couldn't say no. Plus, after a donut
for breakfast, why not have a greasy cheeseburger and fries for lunch! These nice
gentlemen from Joel Gott Windery just happened to have three bottles of wine
and decided to share with us. So very thoughtful of them. 

After lunch we hopped back on our bikes and headed towards Hall Winery. Boy, was this
place beautiful. We could have stayed here all day just for the view itself. 

We wanted to check out V. Sattui Winery as we had heard so much about it during the
last few days. They were having a huge BBQ and band and the place was packed. It was
really cool to see and they even let us park our bikes right inside. After a quick tour we
headed back to Clif Family Winery for our wine tasting and snacks which were included.

The Bruschetteria was a food truck parked outside of the winery. We got to order what
we wanted and they delivered it to us inside during our wine tasting. They also gave us
two different kinds of chocolate truffles. The wine was delicious and I actually bought
a bottle of the rose and a red, to take home with me. 

You could tell it really was a family winery. The staff was amazing and extremely
down to earth and helpful. Plus, they didn't mind taking photos of us. 

I got Leif and myself a little gift, cycling jerseys!

After our adventure, we stopped by French Laundry to check out the perfectly
manicured garden. It was something special.

We headed back to the house for more donuts!!.. and wine. And we took our 
custom wine glasses for a walk around the neighborhood for Kimi to look at 
the flowers. Literally. She had been begging us all day to look at the flowers. 

The weekend was almost over. That night we hung out in the hot tub, chatted and 
reminisced. This weekend had been so special and amazing I was not ready for it to
be over. The next morning we loaded up the car and headed to the airport. We were
all on different flights that left around the same time. We enjoyed some airport lunch
and said our goodbyes. I miss them so much already. I cannot believe what they did
for me. It was one of the most special weekends I've ever had and am so grateful to
have these girls as my best friends forever. I love you three so much and thank you! 

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