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Monday, May 22, 2017

Goodbye Brooklyn Heights

The time has come to finally say goodbye to my favorite apartment in New York City.
After 10.5 years and four apartments, this one really felt like home. Maybe it had 
something to do with the view... I don't know?

For the last two months before I moved, Oliver and I spent many mornings and evenings 
walking around exploring and taking in all of the sites that we could. Clearly, I was sad
to leave because there would be no other reason why my ass would be up at 6am every
single morning for a causal stroll through the neighborhood. 

I noticed things I had never noticed before. Even something as small as this beautiful
little tree. I always looked past it to the view. Not this time. 

And the purple flowering trees on the promenade. Always walked right past them. 

One thing I was very thankful for was the reopening of the Squibb Bridge. It closed 
shortly after I moved into the hood and opened just in time for me to leave. Literally
every morning for the last two months, Oliver and I would walk down this bridge. 

I even loved seeing Gotham looking so dark and gloomy. 

Or orange and delightful! 

How did I never notice this beautiful tree before? 

BUT, the main reasons I was sad, was leaving my amazing apartment. 

Even Oliver was sad. I could tell. He knew something was up. Especially when
the boxes started rolling in and I started packing two months in advance. Hey, 
like I mentioned before, my middle name is 'Organized'. Leif and I brought boxes
and breakable items along with my art over to the new house every weekend. 
A little here and a little there. One weekend I think I went back and forth 
three times. It really did make my move that much easier. 

Of course, my building would not let me move on a weekend and the bathroom 
was not quite finished so I postponed my move from Friday to Monday. Oh wait,
that wasn't it at all. Leif decided to have the upstairs floors refinished the week
before my move in and they would not be ready for me to move in until the 
following Monday. Good thing I'm an interior designer and know how to handle
stressful situations like this. I even had to change moving companies the last 
minute as mine would not honor their price for four days later. Anyway, it 
all worked out and the move was done and over with quickly. The house was
furnished, accessorized and completely unpacked that evening. The only way
to do it. Anyone need a moving manager? Let me know!  

Goodbye my adorable medium sized Brooklyn Heights apartment with the
amazing view. I will miss you, and never forget you! 

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