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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Skib's Ski 2017: Snowbird, Utah

This year was a big year for the Skib's at Snowbird. It was Bennett and Leif's first
time not only in Utah, but at Snowbird. It was also Bennett's first time skiing!
Leif and I have been skiing a little in upstate New York by the cabin. But, Utah
was something completely different. None of that ice skating shit. Sorry, but
that stuff is scary. 

The youngins arrived early so we took the shuttle bus up to the mountain, 
checked in and went to have lunch while we waited for Mom and Dad. Clearly,
we had fun! 

Once the whole gang was there, we went down and rented boots and skis. I decided
to demo some skis this year and Bennett needed the works! He liked my boots best. 

Our first day skiing was awesome, as was every day. Except that one, when
it snowed the entire time and visibility sucked. On our last day we hung out
at the Plaza to enjoy the day. We ran into an old friend, Daniel Saunders!

We decided to take the tram up to the top just for the sites. 

 This is one of my favorite views. 

My parents said Andy and I learned to ski between their legs. Well, let me tell you
something, that is HARD! Andy and I lasted about two runs each and were ready to
pass the little guy on to someone else. 

I'm pretty sure he had a good time!

Mom did too! She even watched Bennett one day for us so the big kids could
enjoy some skiing. She was smart, this was the snowy day!

We hung in there and enjoyed the day. No visibility was a perfect excuse for
a lunch stop! 

This little duded enjoyed apres ski more than anyone! 

I am so thankful for this man right here, our ring leader. There are so many
things I would not have been able to do in life without him and the things
he has taught me. I love this photo! 

We skied the back bowl a few times, mostly so Leif could go through the tunnel 
and so we could show him this view. 

Bethann even joined us for a day of fun! 

Love my family so much!

Andy and I broke off to do some bumps! 

We even managed to stay awake long enough to enjoy a nice dinner at 
The Steak Pit! 

I can't wait for the next Skib's Ski! 

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