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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Summer in the Catskills

We decided to do this all backwards... buy a cabin in the Catskills, decide to renovate
a home, start renovations on a home, decide to get married, continue to renovate a
home, buy a diamond ring, plan a wedding, move into almost finished home, and then,
finally, get married. Okay, I'm ready for bed now. That was exhausting. 

With that said, I would not have done it any other way. In the grand scheme of things,
it actually went extremely smooth. So, we were able to squeeze weekends in at the
cabin about every other weekend. Boy, did we need it, and was it worth it! 

We did a lot of landscaping, mowing, weed whacking, weeding, flower planting, 
cleaning, replanting plants in new locations, cleaning the hot tub, chopping up
trees that had falling during the long winter and trying to enjoy the weekend

We even had time to explore our little neighborhood. This is the creek directly across from our cabin. We even went fishing one day and caught three fish! 

We strung some lights up on the side deck and enjoyed some Vesco Ridge Vineyards

We installed the hooks for the hammock, which we both fight over now. Looks like 
a second hammock location will need to be found asap. 

Oliver loves hammocking. 

We even brought out the smoker and smoked some chicken for Memorial weekend.

Now, that's a feast! 

Even though I was trying to eat healthy for the wedding, I still needed to indulge. Phoenica Diner anyone? Yes, and I'll have the pancakes because they are absolutely
unbelievable. Now I want pancakes. 

We went for a few hikes. Some in the hood and another at Slide Mountain Wilderness
area. The hike was pretty hard, mostly up hill and very rocky. Oliver did better than 
all of us. What I loved most about this hike was you could keep going if you wanted 
to, or you could turn around at anytime and head back. It was not a loop, just a 
straight shot there and back. 

We stopped at the first giant ledge to check out the view, take a water and snack
break and let the dogs cool down. 

The view was magnificent. 

But, my favorite time was right here in our little back yard with our dogs. 

We even managed to get in a bike ride around the Pepacton Reservoir. We did a twenty
mile loop from the cabin and back. It was beautiful and relatively flat. No climbs, which
was perfect for my little legs. I had not been on a bike in a year! 

With the wedding coming up, I have been extremely careful with the sun and bug bites.
I have basically been no fun at all, covered head to toe with fabric, sunscreen, sunglasses
and hats. Poor Leif. All he wants to do is be outside and all I want to do is hide under a
rock. He doesn't get it, tan lines will ruin my dress!!

Only one month left until the wedding! Woot woot! Then I can have all
the fun in the world, with a cheeseburger and fries to match!

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