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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

4th of July: Vesco Ridge Vineyards

Our 4th of July did not seem like 4th of July at all. We were so consumed with 
getting everything done for the wedding that we did not see a single firework.
Tear. This might be the first time in my life that I had not see fireworks on the
4th of July. 

Leif and Uncle Dan kept busy with painting and all of the heavy lifting.

Doesn't the place look amazing?

Our aisle...

Uncle Dan also built this arbor and the guys dug holes and placed it in the 
field behind the vines. 

The ladies were busy inside making all of the decorations which included 60 mason
jars filled with blush and clear pebbles, with raffia tied around the tops and a 
floating candle. Water will be added for the wedding so the candles float. 

We also made 13 mason jars with a burlap and lace ribbon and a smaller ribbon
tied in a bow. These are to hang on shepherds hooks which will be placed 
strategically in front of the wires that hold the vine posts up. The last thing we
need is someone tripping over a wire! See the decorations schedule below for
all of the amazing details my Aunts and friends helped out with! 

We had chalkboard signs to write on and bins and baskets to find and this wonderful
picture frame Uncle Dan made that will hang with the vines in the background! 
Oliver, our little model was particularly fond of the picture frame. 

Aunt Nancy and I even managed to find time to go to Target and get new curtains
for the tasting room. 

While Oliver pretty much laughed at all of us the whole weekend. 

For those of you who know me, you know I had a color coded schedule noting who was responsible for what and floor plans showing exact location of all decorations at the vineyard.  What more do you expect from someone whose middle name is 'Organized'.

But for those of you who don't know me, I'll give you a little example..

Oh, did you think I was joking? Here's the decorations schedule then...

Here have the floor plans of the venues showing the use of each location and
where everything goes.  This is the reception floor plan. 

Finally, we have the ceremony floor plan. 

We got everything and more done! Oh yeah, how could I forget, that is a piano in the
drawing up there isn't it.... 

I had a dream a few months ago that my brother played the piano in the field as I 
walked down the aisle. I called my Mother up to tell her. She laughed at me. So, I called Aunt Nancy up to tell her. Not an hour later she called me back and said I have a piano
for you. No joke. We also picked up the piano from these kind people who gave it
to them for free. FREE. Not only did we have a free piano, but the people who gave
it to them were amazing and already had it loaded up on the truck ready for us to 
come follow them back to the vineyard. Then even helped us get it off the truck and
into the garage. I have to say, people really come together and help out up there
in North Country. What a successful weekend we had! An exhausting, but
very successful weekend. 

PS, Uncle Dan also gave us a rider mower for the cabin. So we stopped off at the
cabin on the way home to drop it off and stay a night. We slept and slept. 

Two weeks until the wedding!!!

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