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Monday, February 20, 2017

Aunt Nancy & Uncle Dan: New York City

President's Day Weekend Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan came down to visit. They 
had not been to visit me in awhile and decided it was the perfect time to come
as I was getting ready to move from my all time favorite NYC apartment in 
the beautiful neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. We knew Uncle Dan, who does
not love crowds, would love this hood. 

We had the best luck all weekend, I kid you not. Not only did they find a parking
spot literally directly in front of my buildings doors, every single subway came when 
we got to the platform, the Oculus, Eataly and every other place we went was 
completely empty and ready for Uncle Dan. It was amazing. I wish everyday was
like that weekend. 

But first, coffee... and scones from Cranberrys! We hit the promenade for some
goodies with Oliver. 

 We dropped off the dog and put on our walking shoes. Over the Brooklyn Bridge
we went! 

First stop was the Oculus! We walked around until Eataly opened and then we 
went and looked at every single delicious thing they had! 

Uncle Dan had not been to the World Trade Center Memorial yet so we walked 
by the fountains for him to pay his respect.  

We might have stopped at Shake Shack for lunch but I can't remember so does that
mean the calories didn't count? We went back and relaxed for a bit until Leif picked
us up. It was time to show them Staten Island, my future home. Literally, we 
showed them the house we were renovating. Leif found some beer cans in the walls
of the bathroom that he had gutted. Apparently they were "vintage."

After the house tour, we went to meet up with half of Leif's family for dinner at
Denino's! Our local favorite pizza restaurant. I'm pretty sure Uncle Dan was happy!

We decided to take the ferry back so they could see the Statue of Liberty
and views from the boat. You know, where they're from, ferries are common, 
so I think it made them feel right at home. Jokes!

The next morning we left bright and early and headed out to Long Island. 
Uncle Dan was picking up some juice to make some new wines. Oliver and I 
decided we wanted to tag along. We had breakfast in this adorable town
very close to where the juice was. It was a cool experience. 

 They dropped us back off at a train station before heading home. It was a 
wonderful and exhausting weekend of site seeing and walking. But I wouldn't 
have done it any other way! Love you both! 

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