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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016: Nashville Edition

We did a little something different this year for Christmas...

My parents packed up the car, and the two dogs and drove the nine hours to Nashville!
Ollie and I hopped on a plane and flew there. It took less than two hours. We win!
Jennie and Andy became very first home owners and we needed to celebrate. This
was the perfect way to do so! With the whole family!!! (scary?)

They picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to dinner at a local taco
place they are always raving about! We had a lot of fun, can't you tell?

Oliver was in HEAVEN being attached to JJ the whole week!

While Bennett and I were just plain silly!


The dogs helped us get ready for Santa, by gnawing on the reindeers carrots of course!

Well, at least Amos and JJ did. Oliver just posed for the camera and looked cute.

We set up the tree after Bennett went to bed!

And we got to surprise him the next morning with all of his presents! 

Oliver went along for the ride!


The adults just drank wine and worked on an impossible possible puzzle?

I told you...

We even got to enjoy the front porch. Because just like Tulsa, it's 70 degrees in

Bennett watched Paw Patrol the whole time...

And so did JJ...

Bennett and I bonded over Beatles tunes and held hands on the way to school. 

So the adults could go to lunch and drink more wine. Or at least until the alarm 
company called to let us know a motion detector was set off at the house and we
had to leave to go meet the cops that were being sent. Thanks Oliver. 

I think we snuck in two movies... Star Wars and La La Land, before getting Bennett
and going for more tacos and margaritas!

It was almost time for me to leave and so we had to get one more photo to show
me later in life that Bennett always loved me!

It was a wonderful time with the family! Next time we will make sure Leif can come!
Merry Christmas (six months ago) and to all a good night! 

I know I'm so late on all of these posts but I've been a little busy!! Keep reading
to find out why! 

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