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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Leif

Let's pretend it is January 28th! Happy Birthday Leif! 

I made him a cake, and it was adorable! 

That is until I snuck it in the car and put it at my feet to drive up to the cabin and
we had a heat directional war in the car. Who uses the setting face and feet? When
you're freezing, who cares about your feet at a time like that? Well, apparently
he likes to have the heat blowing from all directions and well, it melted the frosting
and lettering! 

But, it still tasted delicious! 

Raspberry filling! 

We went to the local pet shop to pick up more dog food and made friends with
some birds. Except when you went to leave they screamed so loudly you had to
step back toward the cage to get them to shut up. I'm pretty sure we felt so bad
about them screaming we were there for 45 minutes. 

But, we finally went home and enjoyed some cabin time and lunch.

Typical Ollie!

Leif finally got the deer head up!

And we got to enjoy the hot tub with some snow flurries! 

Our little writers shack. Isn't it adorable! 

I just love it up here! 

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