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Friday, July 14, 2017

Wedding: Friday and the Rehearsal Dinner

Friday morning Leif and I joined Shannon and Eric at the Point au Roche Lodge for breakfast. My Dad had been going on about how delicious breakfast is at the B&B
so I was excited. After watching what I ate for months, I still had to be careful with
what I ate because I had cut so many things out, the last thing I needed was to have
some weird symptom for adding it back in the day before the wedding. I could not
 wait until Sunday morning, when I could eat whatever I wanted. Just two days away.  

But for now, this would definitely do!

When we got to the vineyard, Uncle Dan was eating food truck leftovers from 
the night before waiting for us to arrive. Lucky was clearly just waiting for any 
food to fall! 

Again, we were in such good shape we did not have too much to do. Honestly, it was such
a blur, I cannot really remember what we did. I do remember trying to get a mani/pedi
but that proved to be impossible at 3pm on a Friday in Plattsburgh. Apparently nobody
works at 3pm on Fridays in Plattsburgh because the whole town was out to get their
nails done. So, we went back to the B&B and we did our own. Thank goodness I have 
gotten really good at doing my own nails! 

That evening Leif's family and our friends started arriving. We had informed everyone to
join us at the Vineyards at 5pm for some Michigans and music on the deck! Clearly, as 
Michigans are one of our favorite things about upstate, we had to let everyone in on
our secret. 

After everyone arrived, it was finally time to give Uncle Dan his big birthday present
we had been hiding from him for a month. If there is anything to know about Uncle Dan,
it is that popcorn is a way to his heart. If you go to Target with him, his first stop is 
the popcorn counter. We figured, what better gift than his own popcorn machine!
I'm pretty sure he liked it! He looks pretty excited to me! 


My first other half! My little bro. We did everything together and still, even with
five states between us, manage to talk almost everyday! Don't know what I would
do without him! 

We eventually made our way down to the vineyard for a rehearsal. Of course Uncle
Dan had to steal the show! 

It was great to have Leif's family there, sharing one of our favorite spots! 

That evening, we went to bed fairly early. We both needed our beauty sleep! 

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