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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wedding: Thursday

 Leif and I arrived Wednesday in the early afternoon. We spent time with the family
and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Arnies. That night, we slept at the cabin my 
parents had rented for the week. It was right on Lake Champlain and it was perfect.

On Thursday, we were so organized, we actually did not have much to do. We fine
tuned details and had some time to relax a little. I went with my Dad to the airport
to pick up Andy, Jennie and Bennett. Bennett was all excited to ride on the ferry!

That afternoon my best friend Shannon and her husband Eric arrived! I was so excited to
see her! It had been nine months since I saw her pretty little face! I told her to come 
prepared to do yoga as every Thursday night at Vesco Ridge Vineyards was yoga on the
deck! The weather was perfect and there were about 30 people there. Aunt Nancy
and Steve also joined. With it being my first time to do yoga in about four years, I
was so scared I was going to be sore for the wedding that I did not try as hard as I 
should have. However, my legs and arms were still very sore! 

After yoga, my parents hired a food truck to come to the vineyard for dinner! It 
was a hit! Everyone over ate and the food was delicious! Even down to the 
dessert, bread pudding!

It was starting to sink in now that all of my family and friends were arriving! 

Love my bro!

Even this one was having a good time! 

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