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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Scout "Scooter" Hansen

Well, it's been a little over a year, but I'm still here slowly catching up my life after one hell of a journey. We are going to start off in September 2017, even though it is January of 2019... yikes! 

It all started when my best friend Sara, yes, the one who left me and moved to Florida... sent me a link to a puppy that was up for adoption in Georgia. GEORGIA?!? Well, he sure was a cute thing and his Momma was with him. I tried to put it out of my mind that night however, the next day at work I was OBSESSING. Literally. So much so, I send in an application for adoption. The guy actually called me an hour later and we chatted. 

You see, this wonderful rescue from Georgia, Southern Comfort Animal Rescue, comes up to New Jersey every two weeks and holds adoptions at Rosedale Mills in Pennington, NJ. It just so happened to be about an hour away from me and they were coming up that weekend. 

Leif and I had talked about adopting a senior dog that just needed a loving home for its last few months of life. I had started to look. Sara's text was extremely random. She had no idea we were talking about it. 

So, the guy and I chatted for about a half hour and I promised him I would be there Saturday morning at 10am. Leif almost died. I told him, don't worry, I am just going to go check the dog out. I made a promise and I am going to do good on that promise. 

Friday night Leif headed up to the cabin with our TWO very loved dogs and I went to bed early ready for my big drive to NJ. The drive wasn't bad at all and I chatted with my Mom most of the way who was so against us getting a third dog the night before and had some house miraculously come around with one nights sleep... hmmmm... 

When I arrived, I parked and jumped out of the car. I had to get him before anyone else did. Scott said he could not hold him for me however, I think he did :) Thanks Scott. I found the little guy (Scooter) right away, who was sharing a crate with his very loud and protective Mother (Muffy). 

Oh my gosh. Let me tell you. I knew it was a stupid idea to go look at a puppy with the thought of not bringing it home. I mean I took one look at that little guy, called Leif and said, I'm not coming home without him. Leif is just as much a sucker for dogs as I am and said bring him home. 

Scott had informed me that his mother had already been adopted. However, the family who adopted her let her stay the night so he wouldn't be left alone. Isn't that the sweetest thing in the world? I eventually tracked her down to thank her for being so nice!
We walked around and played for about an hour. Said goodbye to his Mom and Scott and headed home. 

Here is Scout's (formally Scooter) story of the "Lumber City 9" as told by the SoCo Rescue team:

This update is a bit lengthy, for that I apologize. But most people simply don't understand exactly what is involved in rescuing a dog, to what lengths some of us have to go through or just how bad some of these dogs are found to be in. True, not all cases are this bad but, unfortunately, way too many are. As you read this update, please consider supporting your local No Kill rescues as many work hard to save dogs found in such conditions as the Lumber City 9. UPDATE 7/23/17: With the help from some very wonderful people and our own staff, we were able to remove all 9 dogs from this home last night! And from the condition that the dogs were in, I'd have to say we arrived just in time too. Please allow me to first give a big THANK YOU to Sandra Estep, Kim, Robert and SoCo's own Robin Lawrence for their tremendous help yesterday. Without this team effort, this rescue would not have been possible. Robin did her typical fantastic job in helping prepare kennels for these dogs, even working extra yesterday to free my time up so we could go and pick them up. Kim and Robert assisted in some previously scheduled work and help in getting the kennels ready as well as offering to foster the senior (15 year old) Lab. Sandra went with me to pick them up and helped with the bathing once we got the dogs and pups back to SoCo as well as lining up foster homes for some of them. When Sandra and I arrived at the house, we were greeted by the mom of the pups. She came out with tail wagging, smiled at us then just collapsed onto the ground. She didn't want to move again until she saw that we were also getting her four pups, which were all still wandering loose in the yard. We quickly noticed the pups were covered in fleas, more so that just about any dog I've ever seen and suffering from dehydration. One of the pups had his little tongue just hanging out of his mouth and struggling to keep cool. Once mom and pups were secure in the transport truck, we went towards the interior of the house to search for the other dogs. Once inside we found “Scooter” who gave little resistance to being rescued. Scooter had such a bad flea infestation that half of his normally long, beautiful coat of fur was missing. The last time I saw Scooter, he had a very full and beautiful coat and strutted around like he was King of the Castle but now he looked more like a meek and lowly peasant that would beg for crumbs. Scooter appeared to be in very bad shape and was also badly dehydrated. Even after we had him loaded into the truck, he just lay there looking like he had given up on life but did manage to wag his tail as if to say “Thank You”. Next we encountered Scooter's mom, Muffy. She simply refused to let us catch her and kept running in and out of the house. She eventually led Sandra to the rear of the house and that's where we found the senior (15 year old) Lab named Max. At first we thought Max was dead but he eventually raised his head. Max, also so flea infested that most of his fur was missing, just didn't have the strength to even stand. Apparently this old fellow had made his way outside to simply die. Very dehydrated and extremely weak, Max surely wouldn't have lived another day laying in the heat with no water. Nothing but skin and bones, we had to carry this poor fellow to the truck Muffy, who was in better shape than her housemates, still was a challenge to catch. Eventually she hid between the wall and a mattress that apparently once served as someone's bed. As I tried to maneuver over the mattress to gain access to Muffy, my body was invaded by fleas and cockroaches. And yes, it was disgusting and sickening but had to be done in order to get Muffy. Eventually Muffy calmed down and allowed Sandra to simply pick her up. Muffy then became very accepting of us as if she knew she had just been saved. Once back at SoCo, all of the dogs were bathed, given clean water and a bowl of food. Most of them didn't eat at all but elected to just lay on their clean, comfortable beds and take an opportunity to get a decent night's sleep. Upon checking on them all today, I'm told that Max was able to stand on his own, ate very well and even went on a little walk. Mom dog enjoyed some time outside but quickly retreated back to her pups, who are still looking very weak. Muffy and Scooter drank a lot of water overnight and just enjoyed being some place safe for a change and their newfound friends at SoCo Rescue. It's still too early to know if all of the pups and dogs from this ordeal will survive. Muffy and the mom dog seem the strongest and no doubt should recover from the nightmare they just went through. We're asking for prayers for Max, Scooter and the pups. I will add that I've found out more as to why this family suddenly left the home and these dogs all alone. Without disclosing their personal information, I will simply add that other than one's own death, there's absolutely no reason anyone should leave dogs in such a manner. The former owners did contact me last night to make sure the dogs had been rescued and to thank us for our help. They also apologized for having to leave the dogs alone. But, again, there is NO excuse... We'll continue to update on the condition of these dogs from time to time and may be asking for financial assistance once we determine what their needs are. Thank you to all who prayed and kept these dogs in their thoughts.

Scooter was found next. He looked as if he'd given up on life. 

When I last saw Scooter, he had a beautiful coat of fur and his demeanor was that of a King. Now he just looks dejected and like a pauper.

It took 10 mins of rinsing before the blood from his flea bites stopped flowing off of Scooter's skin. We are still very concerned for this fellow as he's weak and no doubt, full of tapeworms. But he is doing much better, even is giving us a tail wag! 

The story is extremely sad and still makes me tear up when I read it. However, I now know he has a wonderful home, with us, and he is such an amazing dog. We love him so much.  The ride home was easy. He stopped to potty like a good boy and kept trying to crawl up around the back of my head, which we had to put a stop to. 

Once home, he settled in nicely. Leif and the dogs were heading home and I was excited for them to meet. 

The first thing he did when he came home was explore. And then he found the dishwasher, with his reflection, which I'm assuming he thought was his mother, as he jumped on it and scratched at it and whined for about 15 minutes until I pulled him away bawling my eyes out. Did I do the right thing separating him from his mother? 

We curled up on the sofa and waited for the family to come home. Once they did, we introduced him to Oliver first, and then Lucky. Lucky could have cared less and completely ignored him. Oliver, who doesn't love other dogs and likes to be left alone, we were not sure what he was going to do. But, he just sniffed him and acted exactly the same. Scout fell in love instantly. 

Still, to this day, I think Oliver knew Scout needed him and took one for the team. They are best buddies and are together 24/7. Scout had to be touching Oliver at all times, until about a year of having him. Then he started to get a little more independent. I could go on for ours talking about it all however, the point is, he's a happy lovable dog that we are so thankful for!

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