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yours truly

Welcome new and old friends! I'm Alexis and I live in New York City with 
my completely adorable and loving four legged side kick Oliver. I had 
lived in the same apartment on Mulberry Street, on the fifth floor up, 
for five years until this September when I took a new residence
 in downtown Manhattan. 

After Graduating from the FIDER accredited Interior Design program 
at Oklahoma State University, I immediately moved to New York City 
where I had been accepted into the Country's top Graduate program 
at Pratt University. However, I passed and accepted a Junior level 
design position. Almost a year later, I was offered a Interior Design 
position at one of New York's most prestigious design firms. I have now 
been working at MAC II for over seven years. 

I was born in San Diego, CA on Valentine's Day where we lived for seven 
years. For four short years, we lived in Saginaw, MI where my love of 
horses escalated. One pony later, and we were off to Tulsa, OK. 
The grey linoleum sky got to my mother.

My parents have now lived in Tulsa for twenty years. During my time in
 Oklahoma, I was lucky enough to attend summer school at 
University of Hawai'i at Manoa for two summers where I studied drawing 
and ceramics. I also had the opportunity to live in Vail, Colorado 
for a summer while interning at Slifer Designs. 

Please enjoy my eclectic interior design, photography, 
restaurant review and personal blog that follows my crazy yet 
great adventure in this wonderful and amazing city!